In this BoF session NRENs who connect healthcare institutes to their research network for educational and research purposes, are invited to discuss the challenges for this target group - such as sharing the large amounts of medical data ('Big Data'), storage and computing facilities, security and access, and other specific user demands within medical research - and the related demands on e-infrastructure. Goal is to exchange experiences and ideas in what solutions NRENs can offer to the healthcare sector. In this BoF the feasibility a TERENA Task Force Healthcare will also be discussed.

registered [8]
  • Martin Bech - UNI-C
  • Josu Aramberri - I2basque Academic Network
  • Branko Marovic - AMRES/UoB
  • Robert Pekal - PSNC/PIONIER
  • Alberto Perez Gomez - RedIRIS/
  • Anne Bevers - Belnet
  • Soetkin Vincké - Belnrt
  • Lalla Mantovani - GARR / IDEM / GÉANT
apologized [1]
  • Yasuichi Kitamura - APAN