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"Whether you already operate a FileSender service, are considering it or just want to learn more about FileSender, this is the session for you! This BoF is organised by Jan Meijer, project lead FileSender and Guido Aben, FileSender's global evangelist. About FileSender FileSender ( is open source software for building a web-based service for the transfer of arbitrarily large files to a private audience using only standard web browsers. Out-of-the-box federated authentication combined with a very small sysadmin footprint make FileSender an good value added service on top of your network and in your federation. Users like it, it's there when they need it most and it doesn't require any client-side setup. Over 30 NRENs currently offer a FileSender service to their community. Development is supported by a consortium of NRENs. This BoF is for all of you who have deployed or are planning to deploy a FileSender install, and those of you who have heard about FileSender and just would like to learn more. We are very flexible and able to answer most questions about the past, present and future plans of FileSender. Topics we plan to cover include: - the roadmap - wishlist, ideas - operational experience, lessons learned - consortium formalisation and consequences Please allow us to create a balanced agenda and register at (registration link). FileSender project: (

registered [39]
  • Jan Meijer - UNINETT / FileSender project lead
  • Thijs Kinkhorst - SURFnet bv
  • Kevin Dermody - HEAnet
  • Samia El Haddouti - CNRST/MARWAN
  • John Creaven - HEAnet Limited.
  • Mészáros Mihály - NIIF Institute
  • Leandro Guimaraes - RNP - Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa
  • Renato Furter - SWITCH
  • Jean Carlo Faustino - RNP - Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa
  • Ashley Rustin - University of Cape Town
  • Guido Aben - AARNet
  • Alex - ARNES
  • Alex Mihičinac - ARNES
  • Rogier Spoor - SURFnet bv
  • Petrit Hasani - ANA
  • Sanggyun Kim - TEIN cooperation center
  • Francisco Conde - Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
  • Ronald van der Pol - SURFnet bv
  • Antonis Tzirkallis - CYNET
  • Manuella Abram - GÉANT Staff Identity Provider
  • Frans Ward - SURFnet
  • Saeed Khademi - IPM / Iranet
  • Sandra Denasi - INRIM
  • Culley Angus - REANNZ
  • Harri Kuusisto - Funet / CSC
  • Maghsoud Abbas Pour - IPM/IRanet
  • Jørn de Jong - UNINETT AS
  • Bart Bosma - SURFnet bv
  • Michel Wets - SURFnet bv
  • Perales Eceiza Álvaro - UAH - University of Alcalá
  • Joan Noguera - Universitat de València
  • M. Veiga - Universidade de Vigo
  • Matthaios Panou - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Vicente Giles Duran - UMA - University of Malaga
  • Monica Ruiz Gorriz - UPV - Universitat Politècnica de València
  • first_name Tmpozas - CSIC - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas
  • first_name Tmpozas - CSIC - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas
  • Waqas Masood - Higher Education Commission Pakistan
  • SUHAIMI BIN NAPIS - Universiti Putra Malaysia
apologized [4]
  • Massimo Carboni - GARR
  • José Soler - Technical University of Denmark
  • Parra Parra Alonso - UAH - University of Alcalá
  • Olatz Iparraguirre Gil - UNAV