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During the September 2015 meeting the topic of NREN AUPs and CP was explored. During the meeting, we heard from CANARIE about their approach from Mark Wolff. John Dyer presented the findings of his research regarding the similarities and differences in NREN AUPs & CPs. Some are long and detailed, some short. Some are highly restrictive and some are more open as to what can be done.

The issues that arose included whether NREN AUPs & CPs should be harmonised in some way or indeed if they were even needed. It was agreed that the issue needs much wider discussion around the community involving the appropriate managers and decision makers.

This workshop is intended to enable informed community discussion and debate to take place and reach some concrete recommendations to be made.

The AGENDA and full logistical information can be found on the meeting web-page.

With extra ideas and contributions please contact to

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