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This BoF aims to bring together TNC attendees with an interest in achieving the best possible end-to-end performance for their applications, or for users running applications across their networks. The target audience includes application-oriented user communities, network researchers, and network operators (within a campus or at an NREN level) with an interest in running or supporting demanding network applications. Open questions and topics that may be discussed within the BoF include: best practices for managing network performance, tools for large-scale data transfers, application-oriented network monitoring, optimising campus network architectures (including the ‘science DMZ’ approach), and improving cooperation between users and campus and NREN operators.

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registered [18]
  • Tim Chown - Jisc
  • Kurt Baumann - SWITCH
  • Ronald van der Pol - SURFnet bv
  • Vincenzo Capone - GÉANT
  • Chris Robb - Indiana University
  • Duncan Rand - Imperial College London / Jisc
  • Trupti Kulkarni - GÉANT Staff Identity Provider
  • Jakob Tendel - DFN
  • Eli Dart - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Beatrix Weber - GÉANT Staff Identity Provider
  • Andrew Lee - Indiana University
  • Alan Buxey - Loughborough University
  • Antoine Delvaux - PSNC
  • Robert Stoy - DFN
  • Lex Sietses - SURFnet bv
  • Diederik Vandevenne - SURFsara
  • Richard Hughes-Jones - GÉANT Staff Identity Provider
  • James Clements - UCL (University College London)
apologized [2]
  • Christian Gijtenbeek - GÉANT
  • Sylvia Kuijpers - SURFnet bv