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The BoF will cover co-operation between the GÉANT and Chinese R&E communities since the ORIENTplus project successfully completed at the end of 2014. There will be an update on the London-Beijing connectivity provided jointly by GÉANT and CERNET and an opportunity to share information on current and potential new EU/China user applications. We would also like to use the BoF to gauge interest in joint promotion between the European and Chinese R&E communities to increase user collaborations and for technical collaboration between the NRENs.


  • Welcome – Jennifer An (CERNET)
  • EU/China updates – David West (GÉANT), Jennifer An (CERNET), Jiangning Chen (CSTNET), others invited to contribute
  • EU China user collaborations – existing and potential - David West (GÉANT), Jennifer An (CERNET), Jiangning Chen (CSTNET), others invited to contribute
  • EU China marketing – Helga Spitaler (GÉANT)
  • Technical collaboration opportunities – Ping Hu, Zhonghui Li and Cheng Yan (CERNET)
  • General discussion: what other user opportunities do participants know of, what technical collaboration opportunities are participants interested in, what more should we do to foster EU-China collaborations?
  • Sum-up and BoF close

registered [21]
  • Helga Spitaler - GÉANT
  • David West - GÉANT
  • Baoyu Wang - Jisc
  • Karl Meyer - GÉANT
  • Richard Hughes-Jones - GÉANT
  • Vincenzo Capone - GÉANT
  • Dave Reese - CENIC
  • Tim Chown - Jisc
  • Sanggyun Kim - TEIN Cooperation Center
  • Jianping Wu - CERNET
  • Jie (Jennifer) An - CERNET
  • Ping Hu - CERNET
  • Zhonghui Li - CERNET
  • Cheng Yan - CERNET
  • Brook Schofield - GÉANT
  • Thomas Fryer - GÉANT
  • Olaf Kolkman - Guest IdP
  • Massimo Carboni - GARR
  • Bruno Hoeft - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • Duncan Rand - Imperial College London / Jisc
  • Esther Wilkinson - Jisc
participate remotely [1]
  • Jiangning Chen - CSTNET