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The GÉANT Symposium 2017 will this year be taking place on Tuesday October 3 and Wednesday October 4 with pre and post meetings surrounding the event (October 2 and 5), in the beautiful city of Budapest.

The overall objective of the GÉANT Symposium 2017 is to
1. give the overview of the project status, recognising the challenges and celebrating the successes of the first period
2. set the foundation for the second period of GN4-2, based on the lessons learnt of the first period, with the focus on delivering the services promised, meeting the needs of the users and understand why we are doing things and increasing user take-up and commitment,
3. enable and foster cross-activity collaboration which will move the project further forward

Please keep an eye on the intranet pages as more information can be found there and we will be adding all relevant information (f.e. the program) regarding the GÉANT Symposium 2017 in the coming months.

For questions about the event, please contact Steffie Bosman

registered [12]
  • Fotis Gagadis - GÉANT
  • Steffie Bosman - GEANT Staff Identity Provider
  • Tryfon Chiotis - GÉANT
  • Gergely Sipos - EGI Foundation
  • Jan Meijer - UNINETT, JRA4 T2
  • Dorte Olesen - GÉANT BoD and Oversight Committee
  • Mohácsi János - NIIF Programme / KIFU
  • Michel Wets - SURFnet bv
  • Marina Adomeit - AMRES
  • Lars Fuglevaag - UNINETT
  • Maria Ristkok - EENet/HITSA
  • Ann Harding - SWITCH