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The Special Interest Group on Marketing Communications (SIG-Marcomms) and the Global PR Network will hold a joint meeting at TNC17.

The groups will explore challenges and opportunities in the marketing communications work which supports the core business of research and education networks around the world. Participants will share their experiences and best practices and, inspired by TNC17 sessions and keynotes, will explore ideas for future marcomms work and collaborations.

Anyone with an interest in this area is welcome to join the meeting.

The preliminary agenda will be at

Any agenda ideas are welcome - please send them to Laura Durnford, email:

registered [8]
  • Laura Durnford - GÉANT
  • Cynthia Wagner - RESTENA Foundation
  • Lars Fuglevaag - UNINETT
  • Nina Bark - DFN
  • Gitte Julin Kudsk - DeIC and NORDUnet
  • Torben B. Sørensen - DeIC
  • Maria Ristkok - EENet/HITSA
  • Camilo Jaimes Ocaziónez - RENATA Colombia