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To assist NRENs with the GÉANT IaaS framework agreements national deployments, the GEANT JRA4 cloud team is organising a hands-on deployment and operations workshop. The workshop is for Cloud Service Delivery Managers from NRENs that:
- have decided on their role and will act as Referrer;
- are starting the outreach and delivery;
- and would like to have more input and support from the GEANT cloud team as well as from NRENs that are in a similar position.

The aim of the workshop is to ensure all participating NRENs have  a deployment and operations plan in place at the end of the day. Some preparation in advance will be required. 

Considering the hands-on / workshop approach, the available places are limited to 20 persons, with a maximum of 2 persons per NREN.

Costs for travel and accommodation will be funded out of the GN4-2 project.

registered [25]
  • Mario Vandaele - BELNET
  • Mandeep Saini - GÉANT
  • Andres Steijaert - SURFnet bv
  • Phyllis Callinan - Jisc
  • Christian Panigl - ACOnet
  • Immo Noack - SWITCH
  • Antonio Fuentes Bermejo - RedIRIS - Spanish Research and Academic Network
  • Antonio Saravia - RedIRIS
  • Nicolai Iliuha - RENAM, Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova
  • João Pagaime - FCT|FCCN
  • Pekka Uusitalo - CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.
  • Stefan Winter - RESTENA Foundation
  • Antonis Zissimos - Greek Research and Technology Network - GRNET
  • Jakob Tendel - DFN
  • Michael Roeder - DFN
  • Eimantas Šerpenskas - Litnet | Kaunas University of Technology
  • Ričardas Sabaliauskas - Vilnius University
  • Jukka Nousiainen - CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.
  • Darko Parić - CARNet
  • Saša Čavara - CARNET
  • Zivan Yoash - IUCC
  • Ole Frendved Hansen - DeiC, Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation
  • Patrik Schnellmann - SWITCH
  • Jessica Wu - Jisc
  • Radovan Igliar - CESNET