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A FileSender Workshop will take place at the Surfnet offices in Utrecht, the Netherlands on the 1st and 2nd of May 2018. This will be a chance to meet the current lead developer for Filesender (Ben Martin).

The current plan is to make the 1st of May a day of discussion about FileSender which may include tips and tricks, what might be stopping deployments from moving to running the version 2.0 beta, desires for the future, and also some discussion on how we might handle issue reporting, tracking, and resolution; if github issues are where people should focus or if other methods might be better.

An optional hackathon is planned for the 2nd of May. This may just be a day more for the folks who like the nuts and bolts of the code than on the 1st. This could include all sorts of information ranging from how we might like to restructure parts of the code in the future through to how to create and make a pull request. There is also a potential discussion on how we might like to handle themes in the future. Maybe bootstrap is an interesting migration target for the UI? Database abstraction is another good open topic, though there are no shortage of things that can be discussed for interested programmers.

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