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Due to the significant influence of the higher education community and the huge open education market, GÉANT and its NRENs have wisely started to pay more attention to the long tail of users, those tens of millions beyond the high demand researchers who are typically sitting at universities, colleges, campuses and school districts and mostly satisfied with the commodity network and commercial cloud services.
Draft agenda:

1. Introduction to GÉANT SIG-TNE (Esther Wilkinson, Jisc)

2. TNE data – regional, national and global (Urszula Chomica, Internet2 and Richard French, Jisc)

3. Global TNE policies (Alexander van den Hil, SURFnet)

4. TNE service development, challenges and opportunities (Wan Li, CERNET, and Baoyu Wang, Jisc)

5. Tools, Toolkits and resources (Esther Wilkinson and Richard French, Jisc)

6. Concluding remarks and next steps (Esther Wilkinson, Jisc)

registered [17]
  • Jane Gifford - AARNet
  • Brian Nisbet - HEAnet Staff
  • Juan Pablo Carvallo - redCEDIA - Ecuadorian National Research and Education Network
  • Christien Bok - SURFnet bv
  • Iza Advadze - GRENA
  • Christian Kracher - University of Vienna
  • John Chapman - Internet2
  • Matti Saarinen - University of Helsinki
  • Jack Suess - University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Klara Jelinkova - Rice University
  • Gabriella Paolini - Consortium GARR
  • Mamed Hashimov - Institute of Information Technology of ANAS
  • Sandra Jaque - REUNA
  • Apostolos Papagiannakis - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Sanggyun Kim - TEiN*CC
  • Iara Machado - RNP - Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa
  • Frans Ward - SURFnet