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SIG-MSP will get together to share ideas, experiences and best practices in NREN service portfolios management on 19 September 2019, hosted by DFN in Berlin, Germany.

PLEASE NOTE: this meeting will follow a half-day joint meeting with SIG-Marcomms, which will also follow a 1.5-day meeting of SIG-Marcomms:

  • Tues 09:00 - 17:30 - SIG-Marcomms
  • Wed 09:00-13:00 - SIG-Marcomms
  • Wed 13:00-17:30 - Joint meeting
  • Thur 09:00-13:00 - SIG-MSP

  • Please register via this page for the SIG-MSP meeting.

    Click here to:

  • register for the joint meeting PLEASE NOTE: limited room capacity so "first come, first served" ;
  • register for the SIG-Marcomms meeting.

  • Please send any ideas and inputs for discussion topics and presentations to Magda Haver. The initial agenda is not yet available but will be linked from here as soon as possible.