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The "final whistle" AARC2 All Hands meeting will take place in Abingdon, UK. Please register if you plan to attend.

See the meeting venue, hotels and agenda information.


The two airports nearest to Abingdon are London Heathrow (IATA code: LHR) and Birmingham Airport (IATA code: BHX). We do not recommend Gatwick (IATA code: LGW) or Stansted (IATA code: STN) for this visit!

The two train stations nearest to Abingdon are Oxford Station (OXF) and Didcot Parkway (DID). Oxford is preferred because it has better and more frequent public transport links to Abingdon. See the National Rail website.

Buses from Didcot train station to Abingdon are:

  • X33/33 Connector Bus (timetables, fares etc.);
  • X2 Connector Bus (timetables, fares, etc.).

  • Buses from Oxford train station to Abingdon are more frequent (so we suggest you use Oxford as your station). The main area in the Oxford city centre where all buses (including the Airline service from Heathrow) stop, is St Aldates. The buses to Abingdon are:

  • X2 Connector (blue/green bus operated by Thames Travel. Timetables, fares etc.);
  • city X3/X13 (red bus operated by Oxford Bus Company. Timetables, fares etc.);
  • city 35 (slow service, red bus operated by Oxford Bus Company. Timetables, fares etc.);
  • Stagecoach S8 (multi-coloured bus, operated by Stagecoach. Timetables, fares etc.).

  • More detailed information about travel and accommodation options are in a private AARC2 wiki page (login required).