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WiFiMon Session


The aim of this session is to introduce WiFiMon campus wireless infrastructure monitoring eduroam based: The basic concept comes from the original WiFiMon idea of opportunistic measurements which assume WiFi performance monitoring as perceived by WiFi users, technology and data collecting, storing, analysing, consuming/visualization and data correlation through a lightweight process transparent for users.

The main focus in this stage of development is on the hybrid approach, which adds the HWprobe deployment and integration into the basic concept, and the added value of performance information gathered on the campus for wireless network deployment (eduroam, IEEE802.1X based) and strategic issues.


  • Welcome/Introduction attendees and final set-up Agenda - 30 Min - Presenter: tbd
  • Introduction WiFiMon basic concept and hybrid approach - 45 Min - Presenter: tbd
  • HW probe deployment - RasPi v3 nodes - 45 Min - Presenter: tbd
  • Coffee Break - 20 Min
  • Samples / real time measurements and Interpretation - 20 Min - Presenter: tbd
  • Discussion WiFiMon RoadMap Y1 and Closing - 45 Min - Presenter: tbd

Session Type

The meeting will include a range of presentations on the above mentioned topics. Further there will be enough time for ample discussions that allow attendees to review the WiFiMon concept and plannings about the Roadmap. This discussion will help the WiFiMon project to put in practice the recommendations, and wishes from the community. We are also open to hear proposals concerning the gaps or features that may be missing from such a tool-set, with a view to engaging with toolkit developers to improve/extend the state-of-the-art where necessary.

Who should attend:

Industry participants, Researchers, DevOps team, NRENs PERT/NOC members, and/or members from other SIG/TFs they are interested in WiFiMon

registered [9]
  • Pavle Vuletic - UoB/AMRES
  • Kurt Baumann - SWITCH Staff
  • Bor Šumrada - ARNES
  • Klemen Križaj - ARNES
  • Nikos Kostopoulos - NTUA
  • Rafi Shemesh - Inter university Computation Center(IUCC)
  • Maxim Orbu - RENAM
  • GIORGIO GIORGETTI - University of Trieste
  • Ivana Golub - PSNC - Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
participate remotely [2]
  • DANIELE ALBRIZIO - University of Trieste
  • + 1 Anonymous