This training is aimed at technical architects that are responsible for the development of an AAI for research and education and in particular to those interested in deploying and IdP-SP proxy in line with the AARC Blueprint architecture. The training is organised by the AARC project in collaboration with the GEANT Learning and Development Team. Attendees are expected to attend the whole training. However if for unfortunate reasons, you will NOT be able to attend the whole please contact the organisers. There will be pictures taken during the event please let the trainers know if you wish not to be in the photos.

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registered [15]
  • Chris Atherton - GÉANT
  • Niels van Dijk - SURFnet bv
  • Andrej Šliamin - LITNET
  • Simone Visconti - RETI S.P.A.
  • Matteo Pessina - Reti spa
  • Mihály Héder - SZTAKI
  • Vangjel Stavro - GEANT Guest Identity Provider
  • Desa Avxhi - RASH
  • Nexhip Alimadhi - RASH
  • Andrijana Todosijevic - AMRES
  • Halil Adem - Greek Research and Technology Network - GRNET
  • Marco Malavolti - Consortium GARR
  • Christos Kanellopoulos - GÉANT
  • Pavel Vyskočil - CESNET
  • Petr Všetečka - CESNET
apologized [1]
  • Uros Stevanovic - KIT