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Get ready for TNC19 with Dropbox. Join Dropbox for an executive breakfast briefing at their TNC Booth Imagine a university which is digitally connected, from researchers and students to faculty and staff, across global partner organisations. Seamlessly collaborating through a single platform, agnostic to devices and technologies, integrated in every-day workflows and all with an intuitive user experience. Where management and IT have the required business and compliance controls, and end users the flexibility they require to get their research and programs moving forward. Across the whole university ecosystem, there is a deep sense of connection, to the purpose and mission, to each other and to shared goals, breaking down communication barriers, information silos and content hierarchies - keeping teams in sync and not just your files. Collaborating and sharing would be effortless!

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  • George Konnis - CYNET
  • Lars Fabricius Kierkegaard - Technical University of Denmark
  • Fernand De Decker - BELNET
  • Maciej Brzezniak - Poznańskie Centrum Superkomputerowo-Sieciowe
  • Cecilia Ortiz Macías - RedCLARA
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