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As a result of interest from several NRENS, and indirectly from their stakeholders, the GÉANT GN4-3 Trust and Identity Incubator activity is investigating the capabilities and associated business models for an IdP-as-Service offering. This meeting provides an opportunity to share current thinking on these topics, and to gather and discuss the views of the community on such an offering.


registered [13]
  • Wolfgang Pempe - DFN
  • Alan Lewis - GÉANT
  • Jose Manuel Macias - RedIRIS
  • Stefan Paetow - Jisc
  • Héder Mihály - SZTAKI
  • Michael Schmidt - Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)
  • Marina Adomeit - AMRES
  • Niels van Dijk - SURFnet bv
  • Jaime Pérez Crespo - Uninett
  • Pål Axelsson - SUNET
  • Esmeralda Pires - FCT|FCCN
  • Domingos Gonçalves - FCT|FCCN
  • Martin Božič - ARNES
participate remotely [1]
  • Mario Reale - Consortium GARR