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WP9T2 is aiming to continue in GN4.3 the series of successful GN3/GN3+/GN4 workshops aiming at software engineers. Since the early editions, these events have been introducing and exercising novel technologies and approaches in software engineering domain, what was well-accepted by the community of GN developers. It is an excellent occasion to share software engineering knowledge, best practices and how-to related to GN S/W development infrastructures and routines. It also gives engineers a chance to meet in person, collaborate and build the team spirit. Indirectly, it has an impact on the overall quality of GN software based services, as well as the way development teams work on daily basis.

The Theme of the Workshop

The workshop will provide an overview of *design thinking*, to better understand problems experienced by the end users of a software.

The Workshop Audience

The workshop is addressed to *all team members involved in developing software* and interested in improving external quality of their products.

In particular, we warmly welcome:

·software developers,

·team leaders,

·technical consultants,

·junior testers,

·other software engineers.

Event Location

Venue- Munich at LRZ in Garching/München


For all GN4.3 participants, the attendance of the SSE workshop can be funded through WP1T5 (GLAD)