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Up2U is a European project that focuses on empowering high school students with the digital skills they need to thrive once they enter higher education grounds or any later stage of life. In order to achieve this goal, we created the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE): the Up2Universe. This Moodle-based learning environment with integrated tools will enhance the learning experience in the classroom and beyond.

registered [17]
  • Koen Schelkens - BELNET
  • Azamat Abdiev - Kyrgyz National University after named Jusup Balasagyn
  • Darko Parić - CARNET
  • Jack Suess - University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Frans Ward - SURFnet
  • Jan Hertzberg - NORDUnet A/S
  • Immo Noack - SWITCH Staff
  • Tania Stephan - SWITCH Staff
  • David Heyns - GÉANT
  • Marina Adomeit - SUNET
  • Erik Kikkenborg - NORDUnet A/S
  • Irina Matthews - GÉANT
  • Nadia Sluer - GÉANT
  • Cynthia Wagner - RESTENA Foundation
  • Kristina Lillemets - EENet SSO
  • George Konnis - CYNET
  • David Vrtin - ARNES