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Aim of the event

EGI and GÉANT are organising a one day workshop with the aim to define the key principles of a technical roadmap and the vision for the European Open Science Cloud AAI beyond 2020.

The workshop will offer an opportunity to gather the major AAI experts in Europe and to discuss together the needs of various research communities, to find opportunities for collaboration, to ensure complementary and alignment in future developments.

During the workshop, we will discuss current best practices, integration aspects and technical aspects of the various AAI solutions in production, with the ultimate goal of working together on a common, open AAI architecture and ‘rules of participation’ that govern access to the e-Infrastructure commons.

We are aiming at a full day face-to-face workshop.

This event is jointly supported by the EOSC-hub and GN4-3 project in the context of their joint plan on Harmonisation of Technical Aspects.

The agenda is being finalised and will be posted shortly.


The event will be hosted in the GÉANT Offices, located in Amsterdam Bijlmer. Please refer to the online information on how to get there.
There are several hotels in that area or within a couple of metro stops.