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We will be holding a SimpleSAMLphp workshop in Madrid, Spain, kindly hosted by our friends of RedIRIS (the Spanish Research and Education Network). It will take place for 3 days by the end of February, from Monday 24 to Wednesday 26. We can have a slow start on Monday to accommodate for people arriving in Madrid that very same morning, but please indicate so when registering. Please remember to register if you are planning to attend! Our schedule will be flexible to accommodate for people traveling, but in general we will be there from 9AM to 5PM for the three days of the workshop.

In this workshop, we will be focusing on the following topics:

  • Integration with Symfony, including implementation of controllers and an alternative for module hooks.
  • Reimplementation of xmlseclibs to focus on security, with a much stricter API.
  • Complete the roadmap towards SimpleSAMLphp 1.19.

We have assembled a tentative list of tasks to work on during the meeting.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you joining us. Welcome to Madrid!

registered [15]
  • Jaime Pérez Crespo - Uninett
  • Francisco Jose Arago Monzonis - REDIRIS
  • Cano Martínez Agustín - Universidad de Alcala
  • José Soto - UAM
  • Jose-Manuel Macias - RedIRIS
  • Pavel Břoušek - Masarykova univerzita
  • Cristian Amarillo de Sancho Miguel - REDIRIS
  • Adolfo Rodrigo García Núñez - REDIRIS
  • Antonio García Añó - UJIsirAS
  • Tim van Dijen - SSC-ICT
  • Rosemary Orchard - Vienna University of Technology
  • Dedra Chamberlin - Cirrus Identity, Inc.
  • Mijo Derek - SRCE
  • Sergio Gómez Bachiller - University of Córdoba (Spain)
  • Marko Ivancic - SRCE