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Secure Code Training provides knowledge to software developers and security specialists that allows for the provisioning of self-defending applications, that are protected against cyberthreats to the maximum possible extent.

This year's SCT20 brings two separate trainings which will be delivered fully remotely in online class environments by internal and external trainers. Depending on your requirements and interest you may attend one or both sessions, but you need to register for them separately. You can find further details on the two trainings under the 'read more' button below. To register for Secure Code Training stay on this page and register.

To register for Secure Programming in JavaScript training follow the link below:

  • Secure Programming in Javascript, 06-09 July 2020

  • Important Note

    To allow for optimal interaction between the participants and the trainers, places for the two trainings are limited. If you register, we expect you to attend. If in the meantime in any case you are unable to attend, please advise another colleague to take your place.

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  • Jovana Vuleta - UoB/AMRES
  • Tobias Appel - Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)
  • Mészáros Mihály - KIFÜ
  • Trif Tünde - KIFÜ
  • Arne Øslebø - Uninett
  • Mark Golder - GÉANT
  • Vidya Ambadipudi - GÉANT
  • Omar Qouqas - GÉANT
  • Panayiota Smyrli - GEANT Guest Identity Provider
  • Aristos Anastasiou - GEANT Guest Identity Provider